Co-curricular activities


Facilities to play various outdoor games like football, volleyball, basketball, throw-ball, cricket etc . Are provided to the students.

  • A wide variety of indoor games like carom, chess, table-tennis etc. are also offered to encourage individual interests.
  • Budding talents are given special training in various sports and games and are encouraged to take part in Inter-School Competitions.

Special coach has been appointed to train the students in Basketball, Throw ball and volley ball

Intellectual Development

Club Name Activities
Mathematics club
Mathematics Quiz ,Games and Puzzles,Tambola,Olympiad,Relay
Science Club
Health Mela,Interschool Science Exhibition, Quiz , National Level Science Talent Search Examination, Science Enrichment programme,Factory visits, Hello Doctor session
Language Club
Spelling Competitions, Debates, Elocutions, Question time, Slogan writing
Social Science Club
Street play, Video Show, Cleanliness drive, Poster making Competitions, Planetorium visits,etc.
Music Club
Music,Bhajan session,Skit
Computer Club
Presentations , Teaching Computer typing techniques,Video show History of computer
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