A method of teaching being implemented in all classes from I standard to X standard, is called CCE. It is a method, where Board examinations in class X have been replaced with 2 internal examinations and grading system has been implemented, instead of marks.

Classroom activites as part of CCE (Sholastic area)

  • Seminar
  • Debates
  • Quiz
  • Assignments
  • Radio show
  • Seminar
  • Projects (Collection of specimens, stamps, still models, investigatory project – Analysis with a report)
  • Powerpoint presentations (slideshows)
  • Drama or skit on a topic
  • Role play
  • Exhibition
  • News reading

Out door activites as part of CCE (Non-scholastic areas)

  • Field trip / study tour
  • Gardening
  • Community driven activities
  • Yoga
  • Club activities like science club, literature club, maths club, social studies club.

Method of evaluation of the students

  • Academic subjects with 2 written exams (SA1, SA2) and other classroom activities
  • Art Education (Drawing)  as grades
  • Health and physical education (P.T.) as grades
  • Work Experience (Computer Education) as grades
  • Skills are evaluated
  • Thinking skills (Creativity is evaluated)
  • Emotional (Stress and Anger balance is evaluated)
  • Social (Interaction with friends and teachers- communication skills)
  • Attitudes and values are evaluated
    – Thinking skills (Creativity is evaluated)

Further details on implementation of CCE is available at CCE corner at www.cbse.nic.in.