Science labs

The Chemistry laboratory is a scientifically advanced lab which has the capacity to accommodate more than 40 students at a time. It meets the challenges of modern day infrastructure and safety requirements. The students can perform experiments with precision in this spacious lab, where ample stock of reagents and chemicals are made available.


Computer Lab

The Vidyalaya has a modern computer lab. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them. The Vidyalaya is connected to the Internet, which facilitates a highly effective communication link across the globe.Our teaching laboratories are equipped with the high-end machines. The lab has over 20 computers connected in a Local Area Network ,and Efficient UPS system for uninterrupted power supply. The Lab also enables more than 40 students to carry out practical at a time.


Mathematics lab

The vidyalaya has a  well equipped, Mathematics lab serving the purpose of  making “ Learning of Mathematics through practical experiments ” possible. There are around 20 laminated charts on various topics. Number patterns, Experiments andPuzzles.

Biology Lab







The library has a large collection of books in different subjects and languages. Every year we update the library with new publications. Sufficient number of newspapers and periodicals are provided to students. The information center can accommodate 30 students at a time


Classes are conducted in vocal, classical and instrumental music by our music teacher. Dances are conducted by visiting professionals. In the Sahodaya Cultural Festival. Our Vidyalaya usually achieve high positions.


We have a vast area of land for play ground (4 acres) with facilities of Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton. Special coaching for Volleyball, Basketball and Football are conducted by SAI coaches. In the Sahodaya Games and Sports meet our students come out in flying colours.


The Academic year starts from 1st June and ends on 31st March. School Timing are 9.30am to 4.00pm.Assembly at 9.15am.
Fee structure is notified every year and incorporated in the school diary.


Buses are plying to transport students from 15km surrounding. Every year we add transport facilities as per requirement.